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  • Recommended Services

These professionals and service businesses have been instrumental to me.




  • Author/Writer Services    

My brilliant editor: (be sure to read his letter in  From the Editor

Tyler Tichelar, PhD.   (get his contact info there)


My 'I couldn't have done it without him author-coach, Patrick Snow: http://www.createyourowndestiny.com/publishinghelp.php



  • Book Design & Illustration  

My with you all the way book designer, Rebecca Price  http://www.rebeccaprice.com


  • Metaphysical Couselors and Advisors

My fabulous metaphysical advisor, tarot reader and astrologer, Georgelle,  has been uncannily accurate and given me solid gold readings.  She's designed her own set of Crone Tarot, which we hope are soon published:  http://www.writerinthewindow.com/


  • Personal Photography The wonderful woman photographer who makes me and so many women look fabulous on film:   Suza Marie hotography: http://www.suzamarie.com/




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