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P.S. My readers might ask, “What's with the whole leopard theme, Joan? “


Let me tell you: ...  

In  1962, a junior in high school, I landed a part in the all-school play, The Flintstones, playing  the part of Wilma, Fred Flintstone’s wife. My costume was a faux fur leopard coat and matching pillbox hat, reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy’s era. From that time on, over forty-five years, my penchant for anything leopard has followed me. My repertoire includes dresses, skirts, pants, tops, scarves, lingerie, handbags, jewelry; I even have leopard sheets for my bed and leopard print reading glasses!


Not one to embrace the ‘Cougar’ image, I find the explanation confining and not in keeping with a truly seasoned woman, a crone. Ego need not play a part and while every woman reaps the rewards of honoring her body, the body needn’t be the sole reason to attract men, men of any age. Nor do I adhere to the inference that older women are always on the prowl, not able or interested in long term relationships. I believe that women have choices and to categorize us is counter-productive. 

continued, right


I very much want to hear from you!  Please feel free to ask questions and share your concerns, and I especially I would like to hear your success stories!  

I am available for book signings, health & wellness events, womens groups meetings and public speaking engagements, as my schedule permits.  


I am located in Redmond, WA       Phone (425) 881-2331

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The cover photo of my book was the impetus that moved my graphic artist and me to carry the leopard theme throughout my book and my website. My photographer uses leopard print in her photo shoots; it translates to sexy and feminine for men and women.  In my mind, the cool thing about big cats, my choice the leopard, is you can’t tell their age by looking at them. They stay strong, vital and sexually active way past their peers. They are beautiful, graceful and swift on top of powerful--and they be stylin', baby!  Best of all, their wonderful spots have been fashion favorites for cultures all over the planet throughout human history. Wherever you find me, you’ll find the leopard in tow. 

© 2009 Joan M. Bunney