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The Ageless Secret

 Ageless Secret is an all natural skin product that made Joan a believer!


>Click here to go to my Ionways page  

Me and My Melody 

Here I am, Me and my Melody, the name of the water ionizer machine I purchased that is hooked to my kitchen faucet. It changes my tap water to highly alkaline water, and has changed my health and my life forever. Many people are asking me to share my information with them so they too can change their life and their health.  This link will take you directly to my Ionways page where I welcome you to browse, learn about the water ionizers and the different models and purchase a machine of your choice with a few quick and easy clicks. 


Ionways Machine



Yoli Nutrition/Alkalinizing Sports Drink

Sugar is a massive contributor to physical and mental disease. Americans, including children, are addicted to it. The amounts of sugar found in the beverage industry is astounding. Yoli natural beverages are free of sugar and contain only natural healthy alive ingredients including a boost of alkalinity.

People with diabetes will love this product, it's safe and healthy for diabetics. Yoli is a Green company and uses Green technology for their packaging. The company is led by people of integrity whose first priority is offering the people and the earth new healthy choices. Yoli also offers a lucrative business venture with amazing incentives.

People are ready to make the change to healthy beverages. My vision is to see Yoli beverage machines replace the cola and sugar laden machines in every school. Click the link above, see for yourself and get on board for the wave of the future of the beverage market.




Soncoat Natural Cosmetic Products  

 Ms. Yingchun Liu, the creator, brainchild, chemist and CEO of this company

is helping to keep our skin and our daughters' skin, free and safe from

invasive, toxic ingredients that are so prelevant in cosmetics today. Do

visit her website and read what prompted this woman to make change happen.


Below is Joan's email to Ms. Liu.    


Dear Ying,

I recently published a book, Sexy In Your 60's How You can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process & Rejuvenate Your Life, in part because I'm so adament about  natural products and how they affect our body and skin. Isent for some of your products some time ago and was very impressed withthem. How we can keep our body/ skin healthy and happy well into ourseasoned years is what I write about. Via the book, what I've  learnedand applied I'm sharing the research with my audience so they too knowthe dangers. The toxins that many well-known cosmetics contain isastounding. Ingredients like glycol (a petroleum product) is seeping intoour skin and we are kept the dark by glitzy media ads and celebrities. Weneed only to read the fine print to  know the truth.I applaud your  work, your vision,and what you are doing to provide safe,natural  ingredients for women and girls.I love yourCopper Natural Lip Shimmer, scraping out  the last remnantswith my lip brush, ordering more.Your polish remover contains notoxins/invasive chemicals like formaldehyde and your liquid foundation andeye liner liquid I use them everyday. It's an honor to tout your naturalapproach to beauty and your products.  ~Joan

© 2009 Joan M. Bunney


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