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  • Joan on Radio


April 7, 2010


Sisters of Sizzle Radio Show:

Be Sexy and Sizzling at Any Age! 

It’s going to be hot in the studio this week as we’re joined by two on-fire ladies! Tamra Fleming, Veteran Life Coach, will join us to share advanced information about how to accelerate our personal evolution and become the humans of the future; intentional, loving, peaceful and powerful.

Joan Bunney, author of “Sexy In Your 60’s How You Can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process &  Rejuvenate Your Life". Joan will share her amazing story of how an epiphany at the age of 60 set her on her journey of reverse aging. Now,turning 65, she’ll tell us exactly how to grow young not old and live your bliss! 

go to: www.ContactTalkRadio.com

Download or stream archived shows      


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  • Glenn Brooks/Vibrant Living, talking about the body's pH, alkaline water.


  • A second interview with Glenn Brooks when he featured a water ionizer company from Canada, I was a guest speaker. 



Shawn Eddy & Bill Wagenseller  Weekdays 9-10am Alternative Talk Radio 1150 



  • Joey English, Palm Springs, her "Books & Authors" segment.


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Radio Interview: 970 KNUU Las Vegas, with Warren Barbel, April  2010