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  • Light 08 Radio with Tony Qwade

Joan will be a regular guest, check back for new shows


Thursday, Dec 3, 2009

Joan's one on one with Tony covering her whole-istic rejuvenation approach



Show Notes


light 08 Radio

Show Name: The Imagination at Work: Framing a New Reality SPECIAL GUEST author Joan Bunney


Date / Length: 12/4/2009 2:00 AM - 2 hrs

Length: 2 hrs


h:45873 s:803207

My guest this segment has discovered the fountain of youth…well, maybe... Joan Bunney is a writer, professional speaker, and advocate for social change. She is author of the book, “Sexy in your 60’s”. What is so special about Joan is that while most women have reservations about revealing their age, Joan is proud of the fact that she is in her mid 60’s and has the body of a woman many years younger, perhaps in her 30’s. (Just have a look at her website and photos) She has adopted a light hearted nickname “The Sexy Crone” but her message about reversing the aging process is something she takes very seriously. She is literally walking the talk and while her book obviously shares her testamonial journey she also presents a no nonsense approach to the ability these bodies of ours have to not only last a long time but to rejuvenate themselves with the proper application of nutrition science, spirit and attitude. She’s on a mission and has been invited by PBS and other organizations to speak on emerging and ancient technologies and sciences as well as the lifestyle one may adopt that addresses the anti aging topic. Joan already has follow up books planned for when she is in her sexy 70’s , 80’s and 90’s and says she will have a book about her being a sexy centurian when that times comes which she looks forward to. Has Joan Bunney discovered the proverbial fountain of youth of myth and folklore or is there something serious to the notion that we can reverse the aging process? Joan will certainly give you something to think about as we explore the question and she shares her answers. Join me as I welcome Joan Bunney to the Imagination at Work as we take yet another look at framing the new reality.



© 2009 Joan M. Bunney