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  • Appearance: PBS                    

        October 2, KOCE-PBS-TV in Orange County, CA


Friday, October 2nd at 1:30 pm, PBS TV KOCE

PBS Discovers The Ageless Secret


PBS TV KOCE (Orange County, CA) will feature a Special Report about new revolutionary discoveries in anti-aging. 

The 15 minute segment will run in the show American Health Journal presents Discoveries in Alternative Medicine.  The segment is based on the work of Dr. Harold Burr from Yale, who more than 50 years ago did research proving that all living things have an energy field that determines its shape. 

Chemist Jim Kaszyk in attempts to duplicate the research of Dr. Burr made several of his own amazing discoveries, which give new insights as to the real causes of aging.  This lead Jim to create a new category of anti- aging beauty products, Energetic Cosmetics, www.EnergeticCosmetic.com where you can get a free eBook “Ageless Secrets – Did You Know You Are NOT Supposed To Look Older As You Age?” 

The show also features comments by Steven Gundry, M.D.  Dr. Gundry is an Anti-aging Guru, best selling author of  “The Diet Evolution - Turning Off The Genes That Kill You”, and Medical Director of Palm Springs Heart and Lung Institute.  Additional comments are given by Dr. Daniel Johnson, M.D., Medical Director of Desert Longevity Institute in Palm Desert and Joan Bunney, author of “Sexy in Your 60’s” – How You Can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process & Rejuvenate Your Life” 


We will be uploading a video of the program here when it is furnished to us.     





Joan with Jim and Paula Kaszyk

Dr. Harold Burr

© 2009 Joan M. Bunney