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Joan M. Bunney

SEXY In Your 60's



Consultant for Social Change





Sexy In Your 60's  

How You Can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process & Rejuvenate Your Life


A Book That Makes The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life.


 Joan M. Bunney, a sixty four year old Northwest native, has authored and published a life-changing book, Sexy in Your 60’s How You Can Naturally Reverse the Aging Process & Rejuvenate Your Life (Aviva Publishing 2008).  "That in itself, (Joan says) proves we are never too old to begin anything in life.” Sexy In Your 60's has to do with the health and aging of our body, mind and spirit, and how we can naturally reverse the aging process if we educate, honor, and most importantly, apply those things that can result in growing young, not old. When we do, life becomes more joyful and pleasurable on every level. Bunney believes our seasoned years can be our greatest gift. She shares her own tired-to-terrific story and gives her readers the support they need to take back their life. Her book is a testimonial to radiant health and boundless energy. Baby boomers of all ages can apply her proven, life-altering knowledge, so they too can enjoy healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. Written for all ages and both genders, Bunney is living this truth and sharing it with others. Joan wrote this book because:


  • There is a health epidemic in this country, affecting us physically and mentally.  
  • Obesity is at an all time high; over two-thirds of the population is at risk.  
  • People are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


We must change these statistics for our children and grandchildren's future.





© 2009 Joan M. Bunney