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(I plan many additions to this page)

These are the websites of people and organizations that are aligned with my mission to make the 'rest of your life the best of your life', in body mind and spirit:

Debi has written a series of books on physical and financial wellness, and her website is devoted to supporting this.

Excerpt from her home page:  

Let us ask new questions rather than revisit old answers.  saving ‘generation next’ is not a one word answer.  It is a commitment to liberty, abundance and joy.  Everything is the same- restore health-wealth-and peace of mind by at the same time with several simple principles presented by Debi Waldeck.







Imagine Adventures invites you to experience journeys with spiritual intention. Our tours blend authentic cross-cultural encounters with educational programs, recreational activities and life-changing adventure. We aim to take you into the hearts of cultures and to provide unique opportunities for learning, inspiration and personal discovery.





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